Student Government

As student leaders, sixth grade will have the opportunity to participate in student-government. At the start of the school year, the sixth grade class will elect a class president. Next, the President and Vice-President (runner-up) will form the leadership council with a treasure and secretary. Then the sixth grade students will have an opportunity to apply for various leadership positions within the student body government. These roles can include recycling, safety patrol, announcements, etc.

Band & Orchestra

As an elective course, students enrolled in 5th and 6th grade have the option to participate in Band or Strings. For the West area, Mrs. O’Donnell is the band instructor and Mrs. Kenny teaches strings. Students will have the opportunity to participate in these electives twice a week. Within the school day, students will practice with the instructor for a 30-minute session. Also, sprinkled in throughout the school year, are musical performances that highlight all of the hard work put in by these musicians. If you would like to learn more these fabulous programs at Pawnee and/or have any questions please feel free to contact these teachers directly. Thank you.


Mathletics is a great extra-curricular activity for students in 4th, 5th, and 6th grade. Student math teams will be created by the Mathletics’ coach and practice will be scheduled regularly after school. During the season, students will compete with their team in district-wide competitions against other surrounding Shawnee Mission Schools. As these events are typically after school hours, parents and/or guardians will need to pick-up their student after practice and be able to transport them to Mathletic competitions nearby. This is a great time for students to learn to work as a team to solve complex math problems to earn points throughout their competitions. At the end of each event, teams are recognized for their efforts and sportsmanship.

Pawnee Cares Club

Students interested in joining a club to help support and volunteer within the school community can participate in the Pawnee Cares Club with the social worker. The committee's tasks can include fundraising for organizations, assisting in community service projects, and showing great citizenship within the school day.